commercial carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Elon Carpet Care is the go-to company for your carpet cleaning services. We pride ourselves in customer service and offer custom cleaning services. Carpet is the leading floor cover in most offices. Your carpet is getting dirty on a daily basis through normal visits from customers, employees and guests. Certain sections like the main entrance, lobby or food area will experience high traffic. These areas will become dirty or stained more quickly than the rest of the carpet. To protect your extensive investment, our commercial carpet cleaning services will remove dirt, stains, allergens and dust from your carpet, as well as restore the vibrant color. Our “ELON 4-Hour Dry” System reduces drying time from typically 12 hours down to 4 hours, a 66% reduction.

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Upholstery and Matress Cleaning

Elon Carpet Care is a family-owned business focused on professional commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. We service large and small companies in the Pinellas County. Upholstered furniture in your office, is always in constant use. Not only is the furniture subjected to wear and tear, you also have germs and allergens that need to be removed. The chairs, benches, cubicle partitions, and other fabric-based surfaces will be subjected to dirt and liquid spillages on a regular basis. Our eco-friendly cleaning solution will remove the dirt, stains and germs restoring your furniture to like new condition.

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Emergency Water Removal

Elon Carpet Care is a family owned professional carpet cleaning business with a history of consistent, results-driven cleaning services. Accidents happen. You may find a leaking water pipe and flooding in your office causing damage to your carpet and other valuables. We provide emergency water removal services utilizing air movers, air dehumidifiers, and water extraction equipment to quickly clean up the water. Our professionals ensure your carpet is clean, dry and odor free. Our quick response and commitment to customer service has helped us gain an outstanding reputation in the Chicagoland area.

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Move In and Move Out Facility Cleaning

Whether you are moving in or moving out carpet cleaning should not be overlooked. If you are moving out, it may be required to leave the office space in move-in condition requiring the carpets be cleaned. If you are moving in, you want your office to open clean and feeling new. The atmosphere of your office really does affect a customer’s perception. The carpeting is one of the first things your customers and employees will see so you want to make a great first impression with clean carpeting.

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Car,Boat & Airplane Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

The interior of your business car, truck, van or SUV is subjected to the elements every day. Customers and employees are tracking in dirt, rain and unfortunately spills. We professionally clean the carpet and fabrics removing dirt, dust, and nicotine odor. Our odor removing services are highly specialized with a focus on the seats, and the flooring. Our Eco-Friendly cleaning solution will remove the dirt, stains and germs inside of your commercial vehicle, it will smell and look like new.

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What Our Customers Say

We called Elon Carpet Care to dry our basement after it was flooded. Alex and his team were very professional, courteous, and prompt. After their treatment, our basement was clean, dry, and smelling fresh. I would definitely recommend Elon Carpet Care.

Zhanna Kutman, Kind Heart Foundation

Prompt and professional customer service. Detail orientated carpet cleaning.

Amey Muzumdar DC, Genuine Care Health and Wellness Center

We had Alex and crew out to our house to clean our dining room rug and the wall to wall carpeting downstairs. They were able to make our old, stained dining room rug look like new again! I was so pleased!! Our family room downstairs (and the stairs, themselves) had started to show definite traffic patterns and there were various food and beverage spills that had stained the carpeting. Elon Carpet Care was able to bring the entire carpet back to life. I especially appreciated the fact that there was no “chemically” smell when they were done. Alex assured me they use a “Green” solution and process and it was evident. Thank you, Alex!

Jill May, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Decide 2 Thrive, LLC

I had some hard to get rid of stains on the car seat. First I tried to use stuff I bought in Home Depot but with very little success. I called Elon Carpet Care and in a couple of hours had no stains that bugged me for months. Thank you Elon Carpet Care.

Roman La, Financial Advisor