Cleaning around windows and doors is easy, but most difficult task to be sure your furniture is properly cleaned. Elon Carpet Care will use professional cleaning products to perform a Non-Toxic and safe cleaning.

Inspection of all types of fabric.

The professionals at Elon Carpet Care are experienced with a variety of fabrics and furniture items. During our free live inspection, we will determine the proper and safe cleaning process.


Pre-Treatment is the first step in breaking down stubborn dirt and stains for deep cleaning. It is an important step before extraction machines remove the dirt, bacteria and allergens in the fibers.
The importance of safety. Elon Carpet Care uses only eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe cleaning products and best practices for your family, pets and children to ensure your health and minimal impact on the environment.

Fast Drying Time.

Elon Carpet Care uses a patented quick drying process to ensure that no dangerous mold or mildew will appear on your furniture.
Protect your furniture. Cleaning on your own with incorrect cleaning solutions can lead to fabric discoloration and other problems that will be difficult to fix. The professionals at Elon Carpet Care are well trained and proficient in proper fabric cleaning techniques.

Elon Carpet Care professionals know how to handle delicate fabrics. Sometimes, if you do these tricks on your own, it will lead to serious consequences.