Is the carpeting in your home or office looking stained or dingy? Do your carpets look worn? Do they have tangled tracks that don’t react to your vacuum? It’s time to clean them up!

Carpet cleaning not only makes your carpets fresher and newer – it keeps them in good shape longer. Dirt and other contaminants wear out your carpet fibers and can dramatically affect the life of your carpet. Extending the life of your carpet is important, because carpet replacement could seriously hurt your budget.

When people in a need of carpet cleaning, they either decided to do it themselves or hire a professional cleaning company. Usually people hoping to save money try to do it alone. People who hire cleaning companies usually prefer not to deal with complexity and commitments. The problem is that many people think that cleaning carpets is very simple task. You buy or rent a machine, a bottle of cleaning solution, and then run the machine over the carpets and wait for it to dry. Why do you pay someone to do if you can do it yourself?

Unfortunately, carpet cleaning isn’t really just a step forward from vacuuming. Today, we will discuss several reasons why it’s important to hire a professional to clean your carpets.

DIY Carpet cleaning costs more

You’ve decided to clean carpet yourself, whats next? You need to rent or buy the equipment. Also would need to buy a cleaning solution, but since you never done this before it will lead to waste, which leads to the purchase of an additional solution. If you need to remove spots from your carpet, you should invest in special procedures that cost more. You should also consider the cost of time – carpet cleaning is not a quick process. In the end, there is a high probability that you will spend more by doing cleaning yourself.

DIY Carpet cleaning is hard work

You don’t want to clean the carpets again, just a few months after the first cleaning, right? Well, that means you have to do it right the first time. Proper execution takes considerable time and energy. You must move furniture, vacuum, pre-spray, mix and extract. All of that doesn’t include filling, emptying, cleaning and returning the equipment if you rented it. This is an important project, and if you don’t do it well, you can end up pulling it all out and try again.

DIY Carpet cleaning often makes carpets dirtier

The most important part of any carpet cleaning is rinsing. Without a good rinse, the detergent remains in the fibers. Detergent is sticky and collects dirt like crazy. Carpets that were not rinsed properly will re-soil quickly. This can lead to irreversible damage to your carpet, preventing it from ever looking the same. Unfortunately, rented carpet cleaning machines don’t have enough power to completely rinse and remove the detergent. At best, they give you a cleaner surface covered in messy detergent. As a result, your carpet will quickly become dark and dull.

Note: Elon Carpet Care utilizes only eco-friendly and green carpet cleaning products. No cleaning detergents or soaps are used during carpet cleaning procedures.

DIY Carpet cleaning damages carpets

Improper cleaning techniques can lead to permanent, irreversible damage. If you get the carpet too wet, you can damage the under floor and could lead to the mold creation. Incorrect agitation leads to fiber damage. All of these damages are easily prevented by professionals that have experience, equipment and the necessary skills to clean and restore the vibrant color of your carpet.

DIY Carpet cleaning is often a waste of time

Even if you have a small carpeted area, the whole cleaning process, from moving the first piece of furniture to storing the carpet cleaning machine can take up to eight hours, especially if you haven’t done this before. In over 20 years of service, customers called us many times asking to fix damages caused by DIY carpet cleaning. Our professional team can do everything beautifully and in a timely manner.

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