Green cleaning is trending everywhere these days. If you are interested as to how your businesses can benefit from green commercial cleaning services, rest assured that your property will be spotlessly cleaned, in a safe and effective way.
But what contributes to its popularity and how can you ensure that your cleaning products are “green”.
Hiring a green cleaning carpet cleaning service plays a key role in maintaining an environmentally sound commercial space.

What Constitutes Green Cleaning?
Green cleaning is the integrated approach to cleaning that involves equipment, products with the single aim of minimizing unfavorable impacts on health and the surroundings. This yields highly effective cleaning outcomes for your commercial or residental property.

Here are 5 key benefits of green cleaning your commercial property.

1. Protects Building Occupant Health

Green cleaning equipment and methods employ fewer chemicals in general and have restrictions on harmful chemicals known as carcinogens, teratogens, neurotoxins, hormone disruptors, and more. Certified green products are cautiously managed to minimize their corrosive nature, inhalation toxicity, combustibility, and skin absorption. They are less annoying to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system, and have less related health risks.

2. Enhances Indoor Air Quality

Conventional cleaning products emit harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are known to reduce the indoor air quality. This causes certain short and long-term harmful health effects like respiratory problems, allergies, headaches, etc. Indoor air quality can severely impact employee well-being and productivity. Green cleaning doesn’t involve any type of harmful chemicals and does not cause indoor air pollution.

3. Provides Extended Return on Investment (ROI)

Healthy, environmentally-friendly options for cleaning may appear to be costlier now, but their ROI in the long-term can’t be overlooked. Green cleaning proves to be cost-effective in the long run because:

  • It enhances employee productivity and attendance of building occupants.
  • It minimizes costly ventilation solutions needed to repair bad indoor air quality damage.
  • It employs less damaging chemicals than traditional products and methods, improving the durability of flooring, furniture, building exteriors, etc.
  • It’s gradually becoming more affordable with emerging ranges of options.

4. Boosts Environmental Sustainability

Dangerous, non-biodegradable chemicals from conventional cleaning systems find their way into the soil, water, and air. These chemicals are also packed into non-recyclable containers. All these components release unsafe elements into the environment like phosphates or alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEs).

5. Supporting the Environment

On the other hand, being an eco-friendly alternative, green cleaning products supports the environment. They are safely disposable, biodegradable, and non-toxic substances, with packaging that doesn’t produce unnecessary waste.

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What Our Customers Say

Dmitriy Grigoryev
Dmitriy Grigoryev
14:13 20 May 21
I'm glad I decided to click on the name of this company when looking for carpet cleaning services. The first thing that struck me was a free estimate at my house. Not... many companies provide this solution for free, but for me that provides the most accurate cost that translates into excellent service later. Secondly, I was amazed by the individual and detailed approach to clients - the cleaning team took care of the process of cleaning the carpets, as if they were cleaning for their family. But most important of all, the company only cleans up with eco friendly and a non-toxic products that guarantee safety of me and my family.I definitely recommend this company and its services - try it, you will be completely satisfied, guaranteed. Personal thanks to owner Alex for his quick response and special attention to our more
yelena t
yelena t
14:00 16 May 21
Alex provided an amazing service!! I highly recommend Elon Carpet Care. The communication was quick and he was able to accommodate the time frame I needed. Once he... arrived to the house, he did a great job! He let me know what he did in each room and in the end how the overall carpet looked. I will definitely be using Alex's service again when the time arises. You will be glad you scheduled him to come to your more
Lizzie Lane
Lizzie Lane
18:52 03 May 21
MY CARPET IS LIKE NEW! Incredible service. Our carpet was literally disgusting and Elon Carpet Care made our carpet look like completely brand new - every stain gone... from water, beer, coffee to paint smears (from painting in canvases inside) removed. I had no idea that a rug could actually be saved - I thought I had to rip my rug out and get a new one and it turns out the carpet just needed a good shampoo! Great price too. Our whole house is carpeted other than the kitchen and bathrooms and it only took a few hours. And Elon only uses organic products so our house doesn't smell like a chemical at all it smells great! I 100% recommend and Alex is a great guy! 🙂read more
20:03 07 Apr 21
I'm so pleased with the results! Alex brought my carpet back to life and I don't need to install a new one now because the old one looks great again. Thank you very much!
Julia Shem
Julia Shem
19:54 07 Apr 21
Alex did an amazing job! He cleaned the carpets in all bedrooms from pet stains and odors (previous tenant apparently had many animals here) and now my new house looks,... feels and smells great! He really knows what he is doing.He also helped clean the stains on my upholstered sofa and brought it back to life. I love the fact that Alex uses eco-friendly, safe and non-toxic products. 5 stars!read more
Emiliya Clark
Emiliya Clark
14:56 01 Apr 21
Alex did an excellent job. Out carpet is almost 30 years old. We moved in our house three years ago and never did the professional cleaning. He cleaned all spots from... coffee and many other spots in. our beat up old carpet. We highly recommend Alex’s company for carpet cleaningread more
Irina Kononova
Irina Kononova
01:08 05 Mar 21
My favorite sofa is back to life and shines like a new again! I'm so happy to save a thousand dollars on buying a new one! Great job, very detailed, attentive to every... little spot, and positive attitude ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ It feels like not only my sofa, but my life renewed ✨read more
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