No matter how big or small your company is or how busy it gets during the day, there are things in the office that should not be ignored. Today we will talk about upholstery office furniture. Unfortunately, cleaning and maintenance of these parts of the office is not performed as often as it should.

There are many companies that do not recognize upholstery furniture as an integral part of a successful and productive business.

Below are 5 reasons why cleaning office furniture is important.

1. Safety and Comfort.
Damaged foams or pads, which no longer cover parts of office chairs, could lead to discomfort of the seated employee. That could become a problem once the individual starts experiencing back or muscle pains due to sitting and leaning on damaged office chairs.

2. Employee Health.
Dust is especially harmful to people with allergies or sensitive skin. Improperly maintained office upholstery can cause allergies or skin irritation from dust accumulated on seats. Some people may even have serious allergic reactions, depending on how much dust they inhaled or came into contact with. They may even suffer from a rash and constant sneezing.

3. Performance Boost.
Keeping your office upholstery clean and comfortable increases the productivity of your office staff. If the staff sees that the chairs are clean and comfortable to sit on, this allows them to work more efficiently, as they feel more comfortable in their postures.

4. Overall office attractiveness.
Well-maintained office furniture will make your office aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This not only positively affects your staff, but also your visitors, guests and customers. It can also help increase the image of your company or business. A clean office with clean furniture and upholstery reflects the professionalism of your company.

Money Saving.
The obvious importance of cleaning office upholstery is that ultimately your company will spend less. Regardless of whether you hire professional help or clean the upholstery yourself, keeping furniture clean is much more economical than periodically replacing the upholstery.The presence of high-quality upholstery, which from time to time requires maintenance and cleaning, is less expensive than buying low-quality furniture, which must be replaced every year.

If it has been six months or longer since you have had your office upholstery cleaned, contact Elon Carpet Care and receive a FREE consultation. We use our ECO-friendly and green system to clean upholstered furniture thoroughly, without leaving any residue behind. With no sticky, soapy residue, your upholstered furniture will stay clean longer than with traditional upholstery cleaner.

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