It’s finally springtime! This means blooming flowers, sunshine and spring cleaning. But spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a hustle. Let Elon Carpet Care take care of your carpet and upholstery cleaning. Our reliable and trained professionals will inspect your carpet and upholstery, identifying areas that need immediate attention. The green and eco-friendly cleaning process will eliminate stubborn spots and stains. Our proprietary “ELON 4-Hour Dry” system reduces drying time from typically 12 hours down to 4 hours. The carpet is completely dry by the next morning eliminating any business disruption. We will also recommend a maintenance plan to make your carpet last longer and continue to be vibrant and fresh looking.

Today we will discuss several reasons why it is important to clean the carpets during the spring season.

1. Clean air in your office
Professional carpet cleaning eliminates dust, allergens, pollen, and insect dander that hiding in the fibers of your carpet. By eliminating these elements, you not only clean the carpet, but also clean the air in the working environment.

2. Eliminating dust and dander that trigger allergies
Spring is known to be the allergy season, so there’s no better time to get rid of that dust and dander accumulated in your carpet. Carpets act like filters that trap allergens. If the carpet is not cleaned correctly, the allergens can be disturbed and released into the air again.

3. Removing bacteria and germs
Microscopic bacteria and germs are hiding in your carpet. Our sophisticated steam cleaning process removes dirt and contaminants, preventing them from entering the working environment.

4. Restoring vibrant color and texture of the carpet
Who doesn’t want their carpet to look completely new? The dirt particles hidden in the carpet act like sandpaper, destroying the fibers of the carpet every time you walk on it. Out cleaning process will remove dirt particles, prevent destruction of carpet fibers, and restore vibrant color of the carpet.

5. Protecting of one of your major investments
You’ve paid decent money for your carpets, so why not keep them in prime condition? Dust and dirt particles have sharp edges that can cut carpet fibers, leaving them looking frayed and lifeless. Having your carpets professionally cleaned will prevent this type of damage and extend a life of your carpet.

For dependable, eco-friendly, satisfaction guaranteed service, contact Elon Carpet Care and receive a FREE consultation.

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