Are you able to tell the difference between what constitutes a stain or a spot on your carpet? And, if so, do you know the appropriate carpet cleaning process?

The first step to getting the job done right is to first know what you’re dealing with. Let us clarify for you the difference between carpet spots and stains.

Spots are created by substances that were dropped, dragged or spilled on the carpet. These substances don’t have the ability of damaging carpet fibers permanently. Proper cleaning steps can completely remove these spots from the carpet.

Examples of organic substances that will create spots on the carpet:

  • dust
  • dirt
  • mud
  • foods that don’t contain artificial food dyes

Please note: When left unattended, a spot may look like a permanent stain, but with proper cleaning the substance can be completely removed.

Stains are also created by substances that were dropped, dragged or spilled on the carpet, but these substances have the ability to damage carpet fibers permanently.

Please note: The use of improper cleaning chemicals will turn a spot to a permanent stain by adding or removing dye from the carpet.

Examples of substances that will add color stain to the carpet:

  • foods with artificial or natural food dyes
  • soda
  • coffee
  • tea
  • wines
  • fruit punch
  • some juices
  • mustard
  • chocolate
  • medicines
  • dyes
  • make-up
  • paints and stains
  • inks and toners
  • other things that have dyes

Examples of substances that will remove color dye from the carpet

  • bleach
  • glass cleaner
  • metal cleaner
  • toilet bowl cleaners
  • tile and grout cleaners
  • other hard surface cleaners
  • acme medicines
  • some creams

Sometimes the stain is not noticeable at first because it may be covered with dust and dirt so it looks like a spot. Once you clean off the dust and dirt the color change is noticeable. Some chemicals that can break down the dyes affect the carpet at different rates. Toilet bowl cleaners will turn a nylon fiber into purple goo in about 3 to 5 minutes. Chlorine Bleach will destroy the dye on any carpet that is rich in color.

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