Choosing the right carpet material can make waiting lounges, meeting rooms and other areas with high traffic more comfortable, healthier and even safer.

The best type of carpet for a health care facility is a commercial grade, low-nap nylon carpet. This type of material has great stain-resistance and resiliency, lowers the risk of spills wickining back to the surface and is easier to maintain compared with other fiber types.

Additionally, it’s good to know that the majority of dirt brought in from the outdoors gets trapped in the carpet within the first 30 feet of the entry way. According to recent studies, nine different types of pathogens or bacteria can thrive on shoes alone and can be transferred into a home or other indoor space. Because of the role that carpets and rugs can play in trapping allergens and bacteria and preventing them from circulating in the air, placing walk-off mats at every entry point can prevent soil and other unhealthy elements from penetrating further into the facility. This approach also helps your carpets to stay cleaner and helps to maintain the longevity of your flooring.

From the heavy traffic areas to the hard to reach corners, Elon Carpet Care ensures your carpet receives a high-quality cleaning exceeding your expectations.

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