The most important maintenance step for carpet longevity is frequent cleaning. This involves three steps:

Regular and thorough vacuuming.

Use a commercial grade vacuum with an adjustable beater bar/brush and a micro filtration system. Good vacuums are well worth the investment. Depending on traffic levels, vacuuming should be done several times a week, especially in high-traffic areas. Typically, bag-style vacuums work best and the bags should be disposed of when they are two-thirds full.

Professional extraction cleanings once a quarter.

Be sure to select a company that uses safe, nontoxic cleaning products . Dry times should be within few hours to avoid mold and bacteria growth. When you use Elon Carpet Care, the drying time is reduced to 4 hours. The carpet is completely dry by the next morning eliminating any business disruption.

Spot cleaning/surface cleaning.

Spills and spots are bound to happen. Typically, the sooner you treat the spot, the easier it is to remove. The best immediate treatment is simply to blot up a new spill or spot with a clean, white cloth to remove excess fluids and prevent them from penetrating deeper into the carpet fibers. Many carpet cleaning companies offer regular spot-cleaning services as part of an ongoing maintenance program. Spot cleaning can be a little tricky, this why it’s important to contact cleaning professionals that have experience, equipment and the necessary skills to clean your carpet properly.

From the heavy traffic areas to the hard to reach corners, Elon Carpet Care ensures your carpet receives a high-quality cleaning exceeding your expectations.

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