Benjamin Franklin’s famous adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true for carpet maintenance as well.Carpets can trap pounds of dust and other unwanted allergens, but they need to be cleaned regularly to avoid wear and tear.

Fresh carpets can serve their valuable role as air filters. As a rule of thumb, visibly soiled traffic lanes are the indication that you’ve waited too long.Correct steps of carpet damage prevention are vital for residents and patients, and also is more economical.Regular carpet cleaning will be far less expensive than carpet replacement.

At minimum, carpets should be professionally deep cleaned and sanitized every six months.Plenty of facilities do this quarterly if not monthly. All carpet should be on a regular maintenance schedule. Entryways and hallways are the areas with heavier traffic and must be cleaned more frequently.

Make sure your medical facility has safe and clean floors. This is essential for the best customer service and a healthier living and working environment. With these techniques, you ensure that your medical residence is clean. You’ll be also protecting your flooring investment and providing your employees and patients with a safer, healthier, more pleasant experience.

From the heavy traffic areas to the hard to reach corners, Elon Carpet Care ensures your carpet receives a high-quality cleaning exceeding your expectations.

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