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What Makes Us Different.

Reliability: as a family owned business we understand the importance of making and keeping a promise. Our reputation is only as good as our last customer review.
It starts when you contact us, you can expect a prompt reply. Your carpet is cleaned by our professionally trained employees.
From the heavy traffic areas to the hard to reach corners, our team ensures your carpet receives a high-quality cleaning exceeding your expectations.
The job is not completed until you are fully satisfied.

Customized Service starts with our FREE consultation to understand your needs and requirements.Our professionally trained experts work with you to evaluate heavy traffic and high spillage areas.
After our review, we provide a detailed recommendation outlining your carpet cleaning needs, protection and maintenance to keep your carpets clean and vibrant.A clean carpet not only helps extend the life of the carpet it also provides a healthy environment for your customers, employees, guests.

Unique Cleaning Process: It is important to understand the entire cleaning process including the fast dry time.
At Elon, we have developed a 4-step cleaning process ensuring a deep cleaned carpet.

  1. Pre-Treatment is the first step to breakdown the embedded dirt and stains for a deep cleaning.
    We only use organic and eco-friendly cleaning solutions ensuring a healthy environment for customers, employees and guests.
  2. Deep Fiber Agitation after breaking the dirt bonds to your carpet pile, a professional grooming machine is used to agitate the carpet fibers, leaving soil particles suspended and ready to be extracted by the cleaning process.
  3. Hot Water Extraction (HWE) after the dirt has been loosened, carpet is thoroughly rinsed with a power extraction machine. Professionally designed extraction process will not over-wet your carpet and will not leave sticky residue.Our own water, which underwent a special water purification process, will leave your carpet soft and vibrant after the cleaning.
  4. Elon Fast Dry Cycle reduces office down time as much as 66% compared to cleaning processes that can take up to 12 hours to dry.
    When you use Elon Carpet Care, the drying time is reduced to 4 hours. The carpet is completely dry by the next morning eliminating any business disruption.

Eco-Friendly Approach ensures the health of your customers, employees and guests are a primary concern. The cleaning solution eliminates allergens and is safe for people and the environment.

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What Our Customers Say

I can vouch for the Weekend Wizards! After doing an amazing job cleaning some bad stains, Elon Carpet Care delivered my rug to my house on Labor Day! So not only did they work over the weekend to clean the rug, they delivered back to me on a holiday. THAT, my friends, is customer service!!

Jill May, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Decide 2 Thrive, LLC

Alex and his crew came to my office to clean a large conference room with many set in coffee stains. They were on time, efficient, respectful of the room’s furnishings, and put a lot of care into working on some tough stains. The room turned out fresh and beautifully clean. Alex even came back the next day to make sure everything looked good after the carpet was dry. Great work!

Kelly Clark - Director of Programs , Career Resource Center, Inc.

Alex and crew were amazing. It’s not easy to find a Good commercial cleaner. We left at 5. Came back on the morning to find everything in its place as well as our carpets were so clean. I would recommend ELON CARPETĀ  CARE.

Mindi Newman - Business Development Manager, PuroClean Disaster Restoration

Alex and his crew were very respectful of my time and my location when they came to clean my carpets. They provide quality carpet cleaning at an affordable price. Thanks Elon Carpet Care! My carpets look great.

Dr. Nathan Raders , Raders Spinal Health Center

Prompt and professional customer service. Detail orientated carpet cleaning.

Amey Muzumdar DC, Genuine Care Health and Wellness Center

We called Elon Carpet Care to dry our basement after it was flooded. Alex and his team were very professional, courteous, and prompt. After their treatment, our basement was clean, dry, and smelling fresh. I would definitely recommend Elon Carpet Care.

Zhanna Kutman, Kind Heart Foundation

I had some hard to get rid of stains on the car seat. First I tried to use stuff I bought in Home Depot but with very little success. I called Elon Carpet Care and in a couple of hours had no stains that bugged me for months. Thank you Elon Carpet Care.

Roman La, Financial Advisor